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“The Harpers Ferry Bolivar Public Service District (PSD) is diligently planning for possible impacts from the Coronavirus outbreak.  The primary impacts to the PSD could be the health of our employees and the continuation of wastewater treatment service for our customers.  We have developed plans to safeguard the health of our employees and for the continuation of essential wastewater treatment service tasks in the event of PSD personnel becoming infected or quarantined.  Our plan has been reviewed by the Jefferson County Department of Health.  We will continue to review our policies in order to identify further actions we can take to minimize any disruptions that could occur during this outbreak.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our plant at 535-2390.” For more details on our protocols in response to the Coronavirus outbreak click here

The Harpers Ferry – Bolivar Public Service District has provided sewer service to both towns since 1978. The treatment plant is a 300,000 gallon per day extended aeration style plant. There are 11 miles of  gravity sewer lines, two major sewer lift stations, and 11 small grinder style pumping stations around the two towns.

The Harpers Ferry – Bolivar Public Service District, handles waste water treatment in accordance with West Virginia Code. It is an independent public authority separate from both Towns’ governments.  The Harpers Ferry-Bolivar PSD Board oversees the administration of the Public Service District.

Harpers Ferry – Bolivar Public Service District
Board Members:

David Simmons (Chairman)
Mike Lowrey (Secretary)
Helen Dettmer (Treasurer)


David E. Tennant,  Operations Supervisor
Joesph M. Adams, Plant Operator

James E. Williams, Consultant

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