Coronavirus policy

Announcement from Harpers Ferry Water Works (HFWW)

and Harpers Ferry-Bolivar Public Service District (PSD)

Regarding the COVD-19 Pandemic

Our customer service office and water and wastewater plants are open and doing business as usual. We are, and will continue, to have staff on duty to provide clean, safe drinking and wastewater for all our customers.

Coronavirus Is Not Transmitted via Water/Sewage

  • Our tap water is safe for all normal uses – drinking, cooking, hand-washing, etc.
  • You do not need to boil your water. 
  • Virus transmission is not a risk in drinking water or sewage.
  • Water utilities are working to ensure continuity of operations and encourage our customers to continue preventive measures such as hand washing.

Harpers Ferry Bolivar Public Service District (PSD) and Harpers Ferry Water Works are diligently planning for possible impacts from the Coronavirus outbreak and have emergency plans in place. 

The primary impacts to the PSD and HFWW could be the health of our employees and the continuation of wastewater treatment and drinking water service for our customers.  We have developed plans to safeguard the health of our employees and for the continuation of water and sewer services if personnel become infected or quarantined.  Our plan has been reviewed by the Jefferson County Department of Health.  We will continue to review our policies in order to identify further actions we can take to minimize any disruptions that could occur during this outbreak. 

Per the Center for Disease Control recommendations, Harpers Ferry Water Works billing office, located within the Harpers Ferry Town Hall, is practicing social distancing; therefore, we are currently closed to all visitors. If you wish to pay your current water and sewer bill, we encourage you to do so by using alternative to payment methods rather than the cashier’s window with cash. You may make your payments any of the following ways:

  • Utilize the secure collection box located on the Town Hall door by paying with a check or money order. Money Orders are available at the Post Office or 7-Eleven. Envelopes are provided at the door for your convenience.
  • You may make payments using your debit or credit card using our on-line bill-pay website at (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) *Please note there is a service fee charged for this service by the processing company of $2.50 or 3%, whichever is higher and this service fee goes to the company processing your payment, not the utilities.
  • You may use electronic bill-pay provided by your local bank, which is at no additional charge to you. Contact your bank if you need assistance setting up your on-line payment.

We understand the COVID-19 health emergency is likely to disrupt our daily lives for some time to come. If you are experiencing a financial hardship related to this pandemic, please call our billing office at 304-535-2206 ext. 1 to discuss payment options we will be offering our customers until this health emergency is resolved.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding delivery of your service, please contact the PSD plant at 535-2390

or the HFWW plant at 535-6555

To learn more about the coronavirus, please visit